ULPNode Project Update

  • Hi Charles,

    I have a situation where my gfi occasionally trips in my workshop. There are some things in there that can't go long without power. Beer fermentation chambers, cooler for beer and taps, etc.

    Since ULPNode runs on very low voltage for a long time, and is able to be powered with USB, could it detect mains power outage, and be able to send a message, so I would know to go in and reset the gfi?


  • Hi @diglam
    I'm always under testing of nodes, but I'm also working on other heavy projects on where I spent all my time now, I apologize for this delay.

    Hoping to have them soon released.

    It could be it will need modification, let me explain, power is choosed by a dip switch (USB or Battery) and this switch change also what is monitored on VBAT monitor entry. What can be done, is working on battery, and drag the USB powered signal (not powering the board, it works on batteries) just to know there is power on USB (so mainly on your workshop) to a analog entry using resistor divider. it should works ;-)

  • Hi Charles,

    Any update on when these might be available?



  • @mikeb,
    oh I would love to have more information to tell, but I've got some priorities project to end before. I'm just thinking about removing some function for the 1st release to speed up such as only powering with 1.5V (not 3V) batteries, which is running perfect, my concern is 3V that I need to fix !!

  • Hi Charles,

    I had just a similar idea as your ULPnode but with an ARM Cortex M0. Since I'm impressed by your 400nA solution I'm very interested to take a look into your schematics.
    Would you share your current hardware schematics with me?

    • Juergen

  • Charles,

    Could there be an hardware release and software releases.
    I agree on publishing with less functions in software.
    Just for speeding things up. My bees are waiting a year to be on your monitor :-).
    The gate way is ready to go.

  • Thanks Charles,

    I'd be very happy with a 1.5v version especially if would make it cone out sooner. I assume you would sell this from Seeedstudio.

    Much thanks


  • Hi Charles,
    The ULPNode project really looks useful. Can you give us an update on your progress?
    Thanks -Jack

  • @OneEyedJack
    thanks for your interest, I'm working on a new version and doing intensive testing (even on customers), but thinking also on how to produce and package the board, his tkae some time but library and gateways are working fine ;-)
    please be patient, sorry about that.

  • Hi Charles,

    It's a very interesting project, I'd very much like to get my hands on a few of them.

    Do you have any idea how these nodes will hold up in a situation with reinforced concrete?