ULPNode RF Protocol

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    ULPNode RF Radio protocol was intended first time to be part of ULPNode library, but as soon as I tried to compile gateway code for other target as ESP8266/Particle/PI and others, some targets env compile all source folder file and as ULPNode library is intended for ATMega328 this was generating errors unless I start playing with #define everywhere.,… Continue Reading

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  • very smart. it looks promising, I like the way protocol will be managed:)

  • Charles,
    I ran into th website souliss it seems to be a Arduino library with protocol definitions and interactions between nodes via various radio's. There an API and APP to control. Looks a good solution to integrate te ULP-Node into the world of things. No Central site.
    No Gateway if you want to. All operational (even for ESP unfortunately no SPARK.
    Greeting Koen.

  • Hi,

    Why not C++ (and why not make it a class).
    It would be cleaner, no?

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