NRF24L01 real life range test

  • @abbes
    Well, I did not tried that, but adding this kind of stuff will surely increase the module price.

    If you need to go far away on distance, I would really recommend to use a Lora module instead


  • Bonjour,

    j'ai utilisé ces modules dans un projet. Aujourd'hui je suis passé à l'ESP8266 en wifi.. bien plus simple (mais un peu plus gourmand).
    Il n'y a pas que la vitesse d’émission qui permet de jouer sur la distance, il y a aussi le canal. En fonction de la proximité des fréquences avec le Wifi et de leur encombrement, jouer sur les canaux permet une meilleure transmission (moins de paquets perdus).

  • Hi Charles,
    I'm interesting in use of NRF24L01 in a short-range application. Could you please write several words about the minimum distance that could be achieved by this device? I mean: could I configure the device somehow so it maximum distance will be bigger than 0 meters but lower that 1 meter, for instance? Thank you in advance.

  • @GraphETy
    I'm not sure it's possible to do this, you can try to change TX Power of the module my software but it will really depends on distance/placement/other devices/antenna, ...
    In your case, you need to test but I'm not sure worth doing that since results can really be variable?

  • Hello Charles,
    I have read your post and followed all the comments. I have to use nRF24l01+ for my project. But I am facing following problems -

    1. I am getting very poor range by using two modules without antenna at receiver and transmitter end. It is less than 6-7 meters for 100% accuracy.
    2. Doesn't work properly when they are not in line of sight after 5 mtrs
    3. I have a circuit where we have various other components. This module is interfering with the power lines of main board and causing great data loss.
    4. My my project, our bots will be moving at high speed over a circular area of 10 m2, so will this module create any issue ??
    5. What if the module is 80% inside a bot? Will there be data loss in that case too?

    Thanks in advance

  • @lohani
    you're facing the same issues I had, that is exactly why I switched from NRF24 to RFM69, much better, works like a charm, it's cheap and spread 100 meters around without any problem ;-)

    It seems that your r from India. Actually I am working on a project where I need to communicate between two bluetooth boards.
    I am want to contact you so that I can share you further details.

    My mail id id and mobile no. is 9212648875.

  • Hi Charles,

    Your range test has been very interesting. I had a slightly different question. I would be happy if you answer it:
    The nRF IC would be discarding the signal below a certain power. What is the threshold power required at the receiver of nRF IC for it to successfully receive the signal? Normally it is mentioned in the datasheet that the sensitivity of the reciever is -64dBm. Can you adjust it for higher values(Like -32dBm) as per our requirement?

  • @Arvind
    I'm sorry, but I do not use NRF chip anymore, so I won't be able to answer this question, but if you have any I would like to know ;-)

  • "Hello, I am a hobbylist trying to make a better antenna
    and I was confused about the schematics of the module,
    is one of the dipole antenna grounded, and the other connected to the IC?
    while the nordic company gives schematic with a short antenna connect to IC without grounded,
    the nRF24 module in the photo (looks same with mine) has antenna grounded
    Can somebody give or find explaination of it?