ESP8266-01 auto reset with FT231XS not working

  • I created a new design using the FT231XS chip that has RTS and DTR pins to allow me to program an ESP8266-01 module without holding down a button and powering it up. The two NPN transistors used in other designs should take care of things.

    Right now in the Arduino IDE things look fine.
    -power is going where it should
    -the FTDI com port appears
    -programming leds blink for a second but the sketch will not upload

    Can someone take a look at the attached schematic to see if anything obvious was left out? I'll poke around with the oscilloscope over the next few days to find the problem.

    Mike - See more at:[0_1464802364297_Schematic.1PDF.PDF](Uploading 100%)

  • Hi @miker
    Nice to see old OLED board creator there ;-)

    Your schematic looks good, at which speed did you tried to upload ? Did you programmed the FTDI chip with FT_PROG to see pin setup and functions ?

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