PT100 and PT1000 Breakout Board with MAX31865

  • @Charles - Thx for using a arduino uno, and looks like its got 3V3, so I should be able to do it correctly using a breadboard, else ill just get logic level converters.

  • @Roelof-Loots
    Take care, even if your Arduino Uno has a 3.3V pin available (fine to power RTD), all I/O need also to be full 3.3V (MOSI/MISO/CS/CLK) which may not the case. IT's better to have a full 3V3 Arduino (even at 8MHz)

    I'm using this one that have a switch to pass full board to 5V or 3V3 or just find on ebay Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V USB ;-)

  • Hi! I'm trying to interface MAX31865 (PT1000) to STM32F334 controller (Nucleo64) (Cortex M4) board. I used the Arduino codes from github and coded the STM32F3 controller. Both the sensor and the controller are tested & working fine. But when i read from MAX31865, I'm getting the maximum values in all the registers. Can i get plz get some help as to what might have gone wrong??

  • Hi Charles, the IRQ (DRDY pin) of Max31865 need to be wired?
    I can presume that it can be useful to trigger an interrupt when a conversion is completed, but it is not mandatory. Can i left it unconnected ?

  • @Fernando-Vinícius-G-Magro
    The IRQ line should be wired only if you need an interrupt. So it's not mandatory don't worry you can left it unconnected.

  • Hi Charles, what function R3 is supposed to do? And why 390Ω instead of 400Ω as recommended on Maxim datasheet? Thank you in advance.

  • @rolando do you mean R2?

    you use R2 for PT100 (R4 unsuded) and R4 for PT1000 (R2 unused)

    it's 390 and 3.9K because sourcing was easier with these values


    It's no problem, it's adjusted to correct valuee into the code look for an example here

  • Thank you for the very fine design. Would you please mind helping with the sketch changes to read temperature in fahrenheit? Thank you.

  • Figured out the fahrenheit question but with a PT100 the ohms do not read correctly. Changed all the rtd.raw_resistance to rtd.resistance. That corrects the correct ohms reading in the serial monitor but not on the oled display. Appreciate any suggestions on how to correct. thank you.

  • @cbparks
    The reading and display depends on reference resistors soldered on your boards, in my design it's 390 for PT100 and 3900 for PT100, it's declared here and the only place it should be

    Then declare if you want to use PT100 or PT1000 here