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  • Hello Charles,

    I absolutely love the work that this website has provided me. I am actually working n a project myself and would be glad if i had some guidance from you. Hi i would like to have an arduino project made. The base of the project is wireless temperature and humidity sensor. Also optimization of the wireless nodes for best battery life powered by 2xAA pencil batteries. (approximately 2 years or more). Jeelib implemented and optimized for best output. the server (RX) should be arduino duemilanove and the client (TX) both will be duemilanove too but built on breadboard stripped off any unnecessary power consuming elements like led etc. For tranciever i want nrf24L01 to be used and for temperature and humidity reading dht11. the network should have possibility to add other sensor nodes to the network with ease. Hence each node having a unique id and there should be no overlap of received data. Lastly i want an application (simple) which displays the time and date and the temp/humidity reading on windows . (can be java/.net/asp). The protocol should be clearly defined for communication & should have on-demand reading. so as only when the user presses a button/ or calls in from the windows program after connecting the server node to the computer (with cable), the client/s sends the info else dht11 is off line and in low power state.

  • Zydog,
    Thank you for you comment.
    Building removing all power consuming elements is one of the keys. For low power you cal remove all regulators and DC power converters if any. Powering with 2 AA/AAA provide 3V which can be fine, but take space ;-)
    The DHT11 is not the best sensor since it's slow and consuming power during conversion but with 2 AA/AAA it should works quite long as soon as you disable the sensor during low power sleeping mode.
    For ULPNode I'm working also on Gateway, currently an Arduino like but still testing with Spark Core / now particle and even ESP8266, they have more flash/ram add allow the gateway to do some other things such as displaying on a LCD/OLED

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