Remora problem?

  • Hi,

    Just tested the three blue sharks I ordered from the shoppe and they all passed. I measured 970mA from a single IMR 16340 (4.2V in) delivered to an MC-E emitter wired as 2s2p (7.2Vf). The same battery in direct drive would not even light the 2s2p config. The sharks had the pots removed and no pads bridged.
    After adding the Remora to one of them, the same test yielded 110mA on low, ~340mA on medium (I forget the exact measurement) and only 840mA on high. Where'd my 970mA go? I tesed with a 7.2v 6xAAA battery carrier that drives the same 2p2s at > 1.5A and still the shark with Remora only delivered 840mA to the emitter. I also noted in this configuration that Low and Med. modes both pushed 760mA to the emitter. What happened to my nice low and med. modes when Vin was almost = Vout?

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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  • Hi @joejonsme

    You speak of the Remora which allows to manage your electric heating?

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