WeMos-RFLink firmware availability?

  • Hi Charles,
    I came across your PCB designs here https://github.com/hallard/WeMos-RFLink
    which appear to be for RFlink running directly on WeMos ESP8266 boards, but I cannot find the WeMos-RFlink project mentioned anywhere on your site or blog.

    If there is one, could you please post a link to any web page on it, or even a link to where the firmware may be found?

    Thanks a lot,

  • @johnwigley
    I talked 2 times with RFLink developper team (may be one year ago) because I wanted to add ESP8266 support on it. As the code was open source I asked to be a member of the team to contribute or even to have access to the latest source code (because project RFLink was claimed to be open source) but unfortunately, I was bumped 2 times so I let this project on hold.

  • Bonjour,

    quelqu'un a-t-il des news sur le portage sur ESP8266 ? Je ne trouve que les sources v33 sur le net, et j'arrive à les compiler pour un wemos D1 mini (il suffit de rajouter la fonction 'strncasecmp' et de changer les ports), mais je n'ai aucune réception propre de signal, que du 'oregon unknow'. Je suppose que c'est une question de timing, mais je ne maitrise pas bien le code de rflink.

    Si certains veulent tenter, voici ce que j'ai ajouté en fin de l'onglet 'misc' pour définir la fonction 'strncasecmp':

    #ifdef ESP8266
    _DEFUN (strncasecmp, (s1, s2, n),
        _CONST char *s1 _AND
        _CONST char *s2 _AND
        size_t n)
      if (n == 0)
        return 0;
      while (n-- != 0 && tolower(*s1) == tolower(*s2))
          if (n == 0 || *s1 == '\0' || *s2 == '\0')
      return tolower(*(unsigned char *) s1) - tolower(*(unsigned char *) s2);

  • Bonjour,
    ce n'est pas suffisant pour faire tourner rflink sur esp8266:
    il faut modifier RawSignal avec le code de "Charly86" sur easydomoticz
    Mon rflink fonctionne sur un ESP12E avec un récepteur RXB6 et un émetteur chinois
    je décode parfaitement NewKaku, Chuango, Alecto, HomeConfort ainsi que l’émission.

  • @lbeyaert Please can you explain what specifics steps are you doing to run rflink on esp ?
    I'm so interested in achieve that, but I read and follow close that Hallard and Technophile (sorry I don't know yet his real names) and I cannot see they have achieved a working rflink on esp.
    So please can you give me some help about what is the correct way I need to follow ?


    PD: I don't speak French but I can try traslate (o.c. google assisted) if you need,

  • @jirm
    you can download the modified source code
    don't forget to change SKETCH_PATH in rflink.ino
    for WIFI I use a second esp12 with esp easy
    Best regards

  • @lbeyaert
    Thanks for share that code. I will try as soon I have time, but I cannot find any reference what are the correct wire for the esp and RF transmitter and receiver.
    I see that in base sketch are referring to GPIO 13,14,15 and 16, but I doubt that is the correct GPIO for esp (12 E ?) and in case if correspond to the esp pin number or esp GPIO number.

    I'm thinking on using Wemos D1 mini (esp-12E) and I suppose can work fine because you refer are working on you esp 12E.

    Again so many thanks for your help.

    Best regards.

  • Bonsoir
    lbeyaert, pouvez vous remettre le lien pour les source Rflink.ino.

  • Hi...i am a new user here. In my case i only did some tests adding some of my Smartwares and KaKu light switches. I saw no errors in the log except for some occasional disconnects due to myself powering off the mega to do some wiring adjustments.What errors do you see exactly so I can keep an eye out for them? You did set the 1 minute timeout on the domoticz connection?

    seo expert

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