Adafruit SSD1306 OLED Display Driver for Raspberry Pi

  • As I had some questions by mail about my SSD1306 SPI and I2C driver port for Raspberry, I decided to get back to this driver and write some documentation. The first time I wrote it, I tested with SPI oled but did… Continue Reading

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  • hello,
    I purchased a 128x64 SSD1306 and installed as you described:
    git clone
    cd ArduiPi_SSD1306
    sudo make
    cd examples
    sudo make

    i2c for other devices is working fine on i2c-1.

    But after srarting in the examples folder
    ./ssd1306_demo --verbose --oled 3
    #or alternatively
    ./ssd1306_demo --verbose --oled 4
    then I always get an error:
    ./ssd1306_demo --verbose --oled 4
    ssd1306_demo v1.1
    -- OLED params --
    Oled is : Seeed I2C 128x64
    -- Other Stuff --
    verbose is : yes

    bcm2835_init: Unable to open /dev/mem: Permission denied

    what am I doing wrong?

  • I also had added
    to /etc/modules,
    but still the same.
    so what might be still wrong?

  • i2c OLED display is from China, i2c addr is 0x3c, attached to i2c-1, correctly detected by
    i2cdetect -y 1

    not working with your ssd1306-oled examples nevertheless.

  • partially resolved -

    1. commands have to beexecuted as sudo
    2. old 1306 drivers don't work, I have to use new driver lib and display no. 6 (no idea why, but anyway...).