RFM96 range test--> 8km

  • Hello Charles,
    have you done any project with the LoRa modules like the RFM96?
    I see that you developed some PCB for such modules , that's why I was wondering if you have done any particular library to drive this transceiver?
    currently I use the radiohead library.
    I see a lot of information and project about the RFm69 the Not LORA module . I am currently conducting some range test with the RFM96 and the results are very impressive I got 8km in very flat area in Florida but with lot of buildings obstacles in the line of sight.
    you may see some of my test here in this forum.

    I see that you developed breakout board for theHOPE RF LORA modules, that PCb came with the ASTHA204 chip, the question is if you have a any practical example program that uses that chip for the LORA chip communication?
    did you have any example on how to create a radio mesh network using the LORA modules?
    Thanks in advanced for any comments.

  • @luisgcu
    I've not done any test yet with Lora modules (I have all hardware including RFM98 433MHz) but not too much time to go on with it for now.
    Glad you tested it, 8KM is really excellent with these low cost modules, and I saw your post at LowPowerLab some time ago ;-)
    For Lora there are lot of libraries, I planned to use RadioHead one because I'm using this lib on my RFM69 projects, so more to get some code compatibility but there are lot of new one
    May we worth looking into this post
    and this code https://github.com/Ideetron/RFM95W_Nexus

  • thanks charles.

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