nRF24+Lo-Ra in the same node

  • Dear Charles,

    In principle, my most sincere congratulations for your excellent work and for sharing it, for me it is proof of your great degree of professionalism, not to mention all your contributions to the LoRa theme.
    I have a technical approach and I do reach you to explore the feasibility.
    The hypothetical situation is as follows: On farms with many greenhouses each constitutes one works independently of the rest and usually its area is not usually greater than 2,500 square meters, within them usually several variables are controlled (temp, hum, solar radiation, pH, soil moisture, conductivity, ...) and all these sensors are located in different places inside the greenhouse, so each one of them besides being independent sends signals at different times of the day. This situation is repeated in each greenhouse. If we used long-range modules for each sensor, it would be a very high investment that would possibly make the project unfeasible for the farmer's pocket.
    My idea is to combine a network of end devices of the nRF24 type to collect and send (over short distances) the signal generated from each sensor to a device (combined node nRF24 + LoRa) of the greenhouse, package all the information stored for a certain period of time (suppose every 30 minutes) to later send it via LoRa to the farm's gateway, where the information packages generated in each greenhouse would be received and to process the data.
    Finally, I thank you for having dedicated your time to read about my idea and if it is in your interest to be able to develop it.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss this issue.
    Best regards,

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