Node Firmware for Lora Node 1.3 PCB

  • Hello,
    I am using your Lora Node version 1.3 PCB with the current latest version 5 of the Single Channel Gateway and it is working fine. I basically followed Andreas Spiess's video #134 but used the newer firmware. Thanks for the great shield PCB!
    I live in Minnesota and use the usa915 frequency plan. I currently have one node connected to the gateway built with an Arduino UNO and a Dragino LoRa shield per Spiess's video #117.
    I would now like to construct another LoraWan Node with your shield using a Wemos D1 Mini Pro, like I used on the gateway. I see a link to the one channel gateway firmware, but do not see any reference to Node firmware.

    What LoRaWan Node firmware would you suggest for use with your shield?


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