Which are the bike-taxi startups?

  • Bike taxi apps offer an efficient means of commute to travel from point A to point B. When considering the business point, bike taxi booking apps cater to both cab and bike commuters' needs. In the countries that have excessive traffic the bike rides are proving to be extremely useful for people. Bike taxi apps have gained popularity across the world, mainly due to the convenience and choice they offer. Here are some of the bike taxi booking apps that have captured customers' attention:

    Rapido: It is one of the fastest-growing bike taxi apps. They sum up to 50% of the market share in India alone. Rapido provides the safest rides to the customers by offering helmets and other protective gear for each ride.

    UberMoto: Uber utilized the market presence by venturing into the bike taxi sector via the UberMoto app. Like the taxi apps, customers will get the bike details such as license plate number, driver details, and so on. They have the options to choose from digital payment modes to pay for the rides.

    OlaBikes: OlaBikes was launched in 2016, now it has over 150 million users. It shows the reach the app has across India. According to the Ola Mobility Institute(OMI), two-wheeler apps can generate $5 million across the country.

    The market for bike taxi apps is ever-growing, so the time is ripe to venture into the trending sector with a bike taxi booking app.

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