How much does it cost to develop an on-demand e-scooter app?

  • With the ongoing demand for eco-friendly solutions, e-scooter comes at the top of the category. People can pick up the bike from the nearest location and drop it at the station convenient to them. e-scooter apps have raised $225 billion from venture capitalists.

    At present, the USA is leading the e-scooter sector with major contenders like Spin, Bird, Lime app. Major reasons that contribute to the extensive usage of these apps are environment-friendly, cost-effective, quick travel solutions, and many more. Time is ripe to invest in Smart LimeBike clone app development. Here are the major factors that determine the development cost of the E-scooter app:

    Scooters & Setting up: In the case of taxi booking and other ride providing services app, the app owners need not investing in cabs, two-wheelers, and so on. They hire drivers on a contract basis, and in most cases, the concerned driver owns the car. In the case of Lime like an app, many e-scooters have to be bought, and stations have to setup. These costs don’t add up to the app development but contribute to the major chunk of establishing the online e-bike business.

    Development costs: The development costs for e-scooter is determined by several factors such as features, deployment platform such as iOS and Android, release platforms such as iOS App Store and Google PlayStore, etc. Instead of hiring freelancers, it would be better to get the app developed by a reputed app development company. By adopting this method, entrepreneurs can look up their portfolios and have technical support.

    After considering these factors, the average cost to develop an e-scooter app is $25,000 to $35,000. It is impossible to say the actual development as it depends on several attributes

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