How much would it cost to develop a TaskRabbit clone?

  • TaskRabbit is a multi-service app that also provides opportunities for freelance laborers for finding a job that is temporary. It allows the freelancers to directly connect with the job posters.

    It not only allows the freelancers to have benefits, but the customers can also have their services done by the professionals after request almost in a short span of time.

    There are two models followed in the app:

    Task doers: They are the professionals who would take up a task based on their availability once a job is posted on the app. They are mostly job seekers or people who would like to earn some additional money.

    Task posters: Customers who are looking for help are the task posters. They can post the required service to be done on the platform.

    The features of the app are different for all three parties: Customers or task posters, Workers panel or task doers, and admin.

    Developing a TaskRabbit Clone app solely depends on various factors such as the addition of special features, plug-ins, customization requirements, and time of the development. From development to launch the app on different platforms, everything depends on the clients. In case you are interested in getting to know about the exact pricing, without delays, contact our team Appdupe now!

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