Community Forum upgraded to NodeBB v0.8.0, broke some authentication

  • Two days ago, the great community forum has been upgraded to NodeBB Version 0.8.0, unfortunately this broke google plus, twitter and facebook authentication.

    This should be solved now, thank to @scalz for the headup

  • Well, after some hard work investigating external auth problem on not only google+ one, but also on Facebook and Twitter.
    I've done intensive tests, tried all of them, and adjusted configuration on developer page of each provider.

    Now all should be okay,

    if you have any authentication problem, logoff from your browser application auth provider and the try to login again.
    example if you want to log with facebook

    • go to to see if auto logged into, if so then click log/off
    • now with the same browser windows (or new tab) go to and log in and choose Facebook authentication it will ask you login/password and then log into the forum

    If you can't log on the forum drop me a PM


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