Patrik Laines 2016-17 Rookie Report Card Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg

  • Jets Was the 2nd Overall Pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft And One of the Most Anticipated Rookies This Season Laine Made Waves And Was An Extremely Vital Member of the Jets. See Our Review of Laines Rookie Season. Hockey fans throughout the NHL were excited to see Patrik Laine take the ice for his rookie season with the Jets this past Fall. He was the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft and the then-18-year-old was set to immediately join the Jets in Winnipeg. Laine took the season by storm and achieved quite a few feats in the process. The rookie became the youngest player to become an NHL all-star and led the NHL with his three hat tricks this season. Laine set the pace for an incredible career the moment he stepped onto the ice in Winnipeg. More from Puck Prose6/1 Winnipeg Jets Sign 2015 Draft Pick Michael Spacek6/1 Los Angeles Kings Sign Newly Acquired Forward to Contract6/1 Washington Capitals Re-Sign Forward to Two-Year Deal5/30 Jimmy Veseys 2016-17 Season Rookie Report Card5/29 Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017: Nashville vs Pittsburgh Series PredictionDefensive Play: B Laine wasnt known for his defensive play, mostly because he was too busy scoring all the time, but that doesnt mean he didnt hold his own on the ice. The rookie was speedy and dominant when he was on the ice and made sure he didnt get pushed around too much. Laine has a big body and stands at 6-foot-5, 206 lbs., so it isnt too hard to imagine the rookie making some hits and keeping control when he receives some. Laine consistently puts his all into his play and his defensive play was no different. I wouldnt say he put up top defensive play, but he held his own on the ice, broke up plays and stole the puck when he was able to. He is definitely a power scorer, but he did hold his own on the defensive play. Play-making/ Ice Presence: A The scoring powerhouse strikes again. Simply put, when Laine was on the ice, he was making things happen. Laine knew how to control a play from start to finish. The rookie was as good at executing a goal as he was at starting a perfect play Laine had terrific ice presence in his rookie season and the Jets wanted Laine out on the ice as often as possible. The rookie was commanding and in control when he was in the rink; he wasnt shy at making big plays and being a huge benefit to his team. Laine sustained incredible ice presence and it was far better for him to be out and playing as often as possible. When Laine was sidelined as the result of a concussion he sustained during a game, the team suffered without having one of their powerhouses on the ice. If a team misses a player in his absence, he ranks high for his ice presence and play-making abilities. Potential: A It can only go up from here. Laine posted an incredible record for his rookie season and is a frontrunner for the Calder Trophy for this season. His talents and skills are only destined to improve as he continues into his second season. Sure, some players might fall victim to the sophomore slump but this isnt likely for this talented player. Laine oozes with potential and is only destined to get better as he continues his career. The rookie made too much of a splash not to continue it as he progresses and grows. Hockey fans have compared Laines talent to that of Alex Ovechkin, who has had an outstanding career thus far. Laine is destined to be one of the NHLs best. Overall Grade: A Laine had an incredible first season in the NHL. The rookie made a very impressive run for the Calder Trophy despite any setbacks he faced, including a brief concussion. Laine has risen to the occasion, time and time again, to prove what he has what it takes to be one of the NHLs greats. Laine will grow and progress to be one of the NHLs all-time greats. Laine and Matthews were one of the most highly anticipated rookies in a long time and Laine made sure not to disappoint. He notched achievements that some players hardly reach in a few seasons, or even a career, nevermind just their first season. Laine is destined for greatness and has given hockey fans a taste of what itll feel like for the rest of his career. More from Puck ProseWinnipeg Jets Sign 2015 Draft Pick Michael Spacek2h agoLos Angeles Kings Sign Newly Acquired Forward to Contract3h agoWashington Capitals Re-Sign Forward to Two-Year Deal5h agoJimmy Veseys 2016-17 Season Rookie Report Card2d agoStanley Cup Playoffs 2017: Nashville vs Pittsburgh Series Prediction3d ago .


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