What should be done to secure Raspberry Pi?

  • Having tens of thousands of Raspberry Pi's connected to the internet is eventually going to capture the interest of some people who would like to do unsavory things to the little computers especially when many people are using their Pi to do network servers. Linux is a solid OS out of the box security wise, but aside from just changing the password what should be done to "harden" the Raspberry Pi if I intend to host internet facing services on the device?
    Just to support my "tens of thousands" quip, Eben Upton has said that "The Raspberry Pi has sold over 200,000 of its basic computer modules and is currently shipping 4,000 units a day". Its probably safe to assume tens of thousands of those 200,000 have been connected to the internet. It is less safe to assume that tens of thousands of those internet connected Raspberry Pis are hosting a public facing web service, but the potential for hacker enthusiasm still exists.
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