ArduiPi Getting Started

  • Welcome to the ArduiPi Getting Started guide, if you don’t know what is a ArduiPi board, take a look at the project presentation here. Thank you for using a ArduiPi board, I hope this board will fit all your needs.… Continue Reading

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  • Hi all,
    Has anyone tried to power the Pi from the ArduiPi?
    Is it possible?

    In my case it would be more interesting to have it this way from a connector point of view. The power will surely be strong enough as provided by a computer power unit given at 12A on 5v.

  • @schoopy
    I looked at the schematics and it not possible "as is" but you can do it of course.

    If your power is 5V I suggest you bypass the ArduiPi Regulator and send 5V to Pi using a wire like as follow